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Ollie, FS and BS 180, FS and BS 360, Pop Shove-it, FS Pop Shove-it, 360 Pop Shove-it, FS 360 Pop Shove-it, Double Kickflip, Varial Kickflip, 360 Flip, Hardflip, 360 Hardflip, Double Heelflip, Varial Heelflip, 360 Heelflip, Inward Heelflip and 360 Inward Heelflip.

You can do these tricks in switch, fakie and nollie.

You can spin FS or BS 180 and 360 to these tricks as well.

There's also manual and nose-manual. You can combine your flat ground tricks with your manuals.

You can also do your tricks over gaps and stairs. You can even do it on or off curbs.


That was in order from easiest to hardest.