Basic Flatground Nollie Tricks list.Edit

Nollie,nollie FS pop-shuvit, nollie pop-shuvit, nollie FS 180, nollie BS 180, nollie heelflip, nollie kickflip, nollie inward heelflip, nollie BS & FS 360, nollie hardflip, nollie varial kickflip, nollie varial heelflip, nollie 360 inward heelflip, nollie 360 hardflip, nollie 360 flip, nollie laser flip, nollie 360 pop-shuvit, nollie FS 360 pop-shuvit, nollie double kickflip, nollie double heelflip. That is a list of all the nollie tricks in skate 3. 

Other ways to do theese tricks.Edit

Did you know that you can also do all these nollie tricks listed above in fakie and switch ?

Did you also know you can do these tricks into manual and nose manual ?

You can also do these tricks while spinning 180 and 360 ?

Just a couple of tips about doing the nollie double kickflip and heelflip is that you shouldnt do them with lots of speed cause the board will only spin three quarters if the full trick and you will bail and stack.

Maybe trie doing nollies and nollie kickflips and heelflips and FS & BS pop-shuvits and BS & FS 180's. If follow as beside you will learn all your nollie tricks like 1,2,3. Then you can combine the nollie FS pop-shuvit with the nollie heelflip and do a nollie varial heelflip. Same thing goes for nollie varial kickflips.