The art gallery is a part of the suburbs in San vanelona and it has a lot of sculptures such as the cork screw and it is right across the street from the notable DIY park regs and across the street from the sub way system and it returns as a DLC and releases a new skate park called maraffa skate park and it has a new customizable skate.park called zen plaza the photo challenges such as the cork screw can really be hard at times. There is a way to get out of the map and explore a tiny bit of the suburbs until you get to the top of some hill where the E Avery parkway tunnel and the Mini mega redux OTS and when you get to the top of the hill there is some grass. If you step on the grass it will result in an instant respawn though there is a rail on the weird grass and it is grindable if the player is lucky when they grind it they will land on the side walk. And last but not least at the beginning of the out skirts of the map there is the most notable pool the old pool